Loading screen when you start the application Relieve
Login screen of the application Relieve
Map with meetings points and needs of homeless people on the application Relieve
Display when you scan a NFC card on the application Relieve
Possible needs that a homeless person needs
Route planification
Route planification
Choose your means of transport
Follow the route

This application aims to help charities coordinate their actions and their aid provided to the homeless. It will allow them to pin down the needs of a homeless person in order to facilitate the sharing of this information to other charities. In addition, in the near future, it will raise the awareness of the general public on the life conditions in the streets, will offer them a way to become a link between them and the society.

The process is simple : a charity association comes to a homeless person and asks him if he wants to sign up into « Relieve ».

If he accepts, his needs and a meeting point are recorded in our application and his personal information on a small card which is given to him.

By scanning his card, the association will be able to update his needs and « We Save Homeless » may then warn other concerned associations.

Lets picture this : a charity providing water and food will not be able to help a homeless person needing medical attention. The application will allow the first charity meeting this person to provide this information to a medicine providing charity, allowing it to act quicker.

With Relieve, the charities can finally encounter the homeless person and efficiently answer targeted needs.

Moreover, thanks to this NFC card system, the homeless person will keep hold of his given information at all time. He can , whenever he feels like it, be cut from our system just by breaking his card.

No time wasted anymore, it’s time for efficient marauds !



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